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New Vignettes from the musical & concept album, The Midnight Balladera. Set in the wicked, wild west with burlesque dancing witches, cowgirls and the macabre. Follow Angel Badmans psychedelic journey through the cursed frontier lands into the mystical walls of Sugar Moon Bordello.

Ambur Rockell

The Midnight Balladera

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In the old west, a Balladeer sang ballads of the frontier-

there was no name yet for a woman who sang her tales...

Then came The Midnight Balladera, better known as Ambur Rockell West.

Ambur Rockell is a multi-dimensional artist who relays her mystic tales through song, prose, illustrations and burlesque theatrics. Ambur is an outlaw enchantress who fearlessly unveils the colonization & Religious socialization on all that was sacred in the wild west. 

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